Providence - Our Story

How It All Began


Every great brand is driven by a great story. This story is no less remarkable.

The driving force behind the brand Providence, is a feisty, diminutive creative with an eye and passion for excellence.

Kira graduated with distinctions from both CTCFD and CITY & GUILDS: London Accredited, for Fashion Design. She also has her diploma in Interior Design.

She started Providence after working in London, then for Burberry in South Africa. This was the perfect place for her to refine her taste for beautiful, clean, elegant and understated clothing.

Over the last 5 years, Kira has come to truly understand her place in the world of fashion. More importantly, she really understands her customer.

Her silhouettes are clean and uncluttered. Her customer loves understated sophistication. Flattering, timeless fashion. Not High Street, not Fast commercial product but easy to wear, meticulously crafted pieces.

Her customers come back over and over to discover the latest interpretation of their favourite item and to explore the newest take on it.

But more exciting is the Mommy and Me aspect of her product. Kira’s lighthearted, eccentric nature has always attracted young children. She loved the idea of young girls dressing like their Mothers. So, on all Providence’s bestselling items, there is the same item in girls. Retail Therapy is no longer the domain of just Mom, daughters get to enjoy the privilege too!!!

So how does Providence make a difference?Kira creates all her own patterns and hand cuts every piece herself. She works with small, cottage industry manufacturers in the Cape Flats of Cape Town.

She personally works with the machinists to upskill and bring out the highest levels of excellence in each process of the garment’s manufacturing. Many items are hand embroidered.

Kira’s passion and commitment to excellence permeates every step of her business. It is through this drive that a small difference is made in every women’s life. Big grand gestures are not a part of the business ethos. Sustainability in individual lives is.







Mommy & Me



`` Her Courage was her crown and She Wore it like a Queen ``